If This, Then Everything

There is untapped magic in everything and everyone.
I create experiences that connect and engage with the magic beneath.

I design better experiences

I design better ways to do stuff, buy stuff and enjoy stuff. I try to improve people’s lives by making things look, act and feel more joyful. Frictionless. Better.

I’m a designer of everything better.

Solving the Opioid Crisis

RXiNK: Packaging Innovation Concept


Future Exploration

Super secret plans to rule the future and change the way we approach the car buying experience.


IoT Prototype

Connecting all the dots.

Hustler. Hacker. Dreamer.

Bending the rules that govern the digital world as we know it.

Design and functionality. Usability and experience. The final touch, feel and flow of everything worth creating should make you smile.


Photography and traveling notes
by John Jacobsen


Paintings, drawings and mixed media
by John Jacobsen