Amazon + Unilever

Redefining the Digital Shelf

Innovative advertising keeps shoppers engaged AND leads to the “buy” button. That’s why Rockfish was challenged by Unilever and Amazon to build the product page of the future for Degree, Axe, and Dove. This revamp included 9 all-new enhanced content modules, improved UX, informative and engaging 3D images, cinemagraphs, and videos – the likes of which had never been seen on Amazon Product Detail Pages before.

Metro by T-Mobile

Digital Transformation

As a fully retained resource, I am responsible for enabling onsite commerce while pushing a quarterly promotional calendar.

Southwest Airlines

Rapid Innovation Workshop Concept

Over the last several years, we've* developed and honed our own version of what the industry knows as a hackathon. It's been a blast to take part in these three day events, often held at Southwest Airlines' headquarters in Dallas. Several multidisciplinary teams get together to solve problems and innovate in game changing ways. The idea shown, Luv Kudos was my first of many, and is still my favorite.

*Rockfish Digital/VML

Coca-Cola eComm

Click & Collect Grocery Impulse Concepts

Coca-cola asked for ideas centered on leveraging the power of ecommerce specifically within the retail trending Click & Collect model. We were tasked with three stages of interaction: while you're building your basket, on the way to pickup, and at grocery collection. There were around 25 concepts in total, ranging from last minute add-ons built into the retailer site to collaborations with Waze, Spotify, Samsung smart refrigerators, and more.


IoT Multipet Feeding System

Inspired by the passing of my beloved cat, Grover. He had been a companion of 16 years, and was truly my Shadow whenever I was at home. The multipet feeding system links bluetooth enabled food bowl bases that alert you of when, how much, and how often your pets are eating. The communication comes to you in the first person (dog/cat) voice/character of your pet, in the form of a chatbot. There's a brand opportunity here as well, though we haven't found a home for it just yet.

Huggies + Target

Reimagining the Diaper Aisle

A great collaboration with our friends at Barrows, this concept represents an ideal fusion of digital retail and in-home to optimize supply and diaper fit for mom and baby.

Rapid Innovation Workshop

Team #5 | Ford Pass

As part of an all-WPP Rapid Innovation Workshop held in Detroit, we were tasked with answering one simple question: "How do we add joy back into mobility?"

Our team's concept: FordPass.

Today, the mobile app serves as the digital connector for every touchpoint across Ford's mobility suite, seamlessly integrating mobility solutions throughout a connected consumer experience.

IoT Protoype: LOU | Logic Order Utility

Never Run Out Again

Great technology is invisible, and we’ve invented a prototype to prove it. Lou, is the first of its kind, smart holder that manages your household bath tissue supply.

Improving upon your everyday roll-holder, we’ve crafted a means of eliminating the most common gripe we experience today: running out of toilet paper. By connecting your household supply with a new or existing product subscription, Lou monitors your bath tissue for you…

So you’ll never run out again.

IoT Protoype: AVA | Ambient Variation Alert

The Connected Dove

It’s a fact: babies lose skin moisture up to 5x faster than adults. Ava, by Baby Dove, reassures and builds trust by monitoring ambient air temperature and humidity, helping new parents care for their baby’s skin.

Informed by your baby’s skin profile, Ava monitors nursery conditions for you…alerting you of changes in temperature and humidity. If conditions persist, Ava taps its’ built in wi-fi connection and processor to perform a host of preset commands.

You’ve got enough on your mind. With Ava, skin care for you AND your baby is one less thing to worry about.

Product Design

Product Design brings out my best. I love to conceive, plan and create new product ideas from start to finish. There’s nothing more rewarding than that.

Experience Data

Good ideas become great when you’re able to unleash the power of data. However, it’s important to remember: there will be no data to speak of if you fail to provide a useful, enjoyable experience to your users.

Emerging Mediums

It’s impossible to innovate without keen awareness and interest in emerging mediums. From VR and AR, to AI and IoT, I’m always looking to match the right concept with the right medium. If the technology isn’t integral to the concept, it shouldn’t be there.

Retailer Innovation

The digital shelf. Endless aisles. Brick & mortar vs. pure play. New and emerging commerce fulfillment models. These are the areas I’m happy to innovate. After all, I’m a consumer too. I want a better experience, so I jump at the chance to dive in.

Identity Design

Your brand is iconic, but it takes more than a logo to make that happen. I take the product or business model as a whole, and try to imagine where you want to be; where you want to end up. Identity design sets the table, and starts you on your own path toward your own legacy.

Digital Shopper

My experience with multi-partnership agency models has taught me this: if you don’t meet the expectations of consumers, you will fail. Fusing the worlds of brick & mortar and ecommerce removes barriers for the shopper, resulting in frictionless commerce. Anytime, anywhere. This is the expectation of today’s shopper.